Resolution of the International Conference

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Resolution of the International Conference

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Resolution of the International Conference
« Against the use of radiation-type weapons against people "
1 - 2.12.2018, Moscow. The Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Housing
On December 1 - 2, 2018, the Moscow Committee for the Ecology of
Housing held an international conference “Against the use of radiation-type
weapons against people,” which was attended by representatives of Russia,
Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Italy.
The conference participants touched upon different aspects of the use of radiation
weapons against people. They highlighted the following problems in their
Remote radiation-type weapons (psychotronic, non-lethal) are secretly used
against civil population of the Russian Federation and other countries, and such
practice violates all state and international laws on civil rights and liberties.
Radiation-type (psychotronic, non-lethal) weapons represent a complex
application of different types of radiation, biochemical substances and specific
equipment and computer technologies.
It negatively affects the mind, psyche, physiology and genetics of living
objects and destroys material objects.
Radiation weapons are capable of ignoring all obstacles; they affect a person
remotely, secretly and silently destroying and eradicating all living organisms and
nonliving objects, disabling any kind equipment.
When radiation-type ("non-lethal") weapons are used against humans, they
cause pathological changes in various organs and systems of the human body, all
this can result in an instant death from a man-made heart attack, stroke,
pulmonary edema, etc. In such event, murder with the use of such "non-lethal"
weapon looks like natural death.
Its use makes it possible to manipulate people's mind, psyche, physiology
and genetics and keep them under control; wars can be started, fabulous
enrichment is possible by seizing businesses and property of the brainwashed
people; explosions, fires, accidents, catastrophes, acts of terrorism and many other
things can be done by forcing brainwashed victims to commit them.
Massive use of radiation (psychotronic) weapons against civil population is
orchestrated from psychotronic stations, and for the “chosen individuals” it is
toughened by person-targeted application carried out with the use of special
equipment installed in their housing.
Brainwashing of people is performed by state, commercial and private
structures which work with psi-technologies.
Such manipulating is classified as Highly Confidential thus giving free rein
and impunity of any doings to realizers whose actions can be comparable to the
most sophisticated sadistic tortures.
Brainwashed citizens are forced to experience stresses, insomnia, lack of life
energy; they are tortured with pain, convulsions, man-made rape, man-made
diseases, etc.
Radiation (psychotronic, non-lethal) weapons can affect one person, a group
of people, whole nations and countries.
Being both universal and multifunctional, such weapons excel all other
types of weapons, taken all together. As V.V. Putin stressed that different typesof
radiation weapons "are comparable to nuclear weapons in the effect produced".
The international law defines radiation (psychotronic, non-lethal) weapons
as “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD).
Radiation weapons make it possible to manipulate human consciousness,
psyche, physiology and genetics, enabling realizers to gain an absolute control
over people and use brainwashed citizens for their own purposes, including
commitment of crimes and terrorist acts.
Nowadays terrorism is one of the main threats to international security, and
people of different countries are looking for ways to combat it.
On November 1-2, 2018, at the 6th International Conference of the Regional
Anti-Terrorism Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (RATS
SCO), held in the city of Tashkent, it was reported that in the first nine months of
2018 about 1,550 terrorist acts were committed in the world. "It is more than 5
terrorist attacks per day": terrorism is growing and urgent measures are needed to
combat it. .
Issues of counter-terrorism efforts were considered in other documents of
the SCO member countries.
All documents address issues of combating drug trafficking, organized crime
and terrorism. With that, the SCO member countries confirm their strong support
of the UN efforts in maintaining international peace and security, promoting
global development, and promoting and protecting human rights.
The SCO member countries advocate adopting the UN Comprehensive
Convention against International Terrorism.
On June 15, 2017, UN General Assembly Resolution 71/291 established the
UN Counter-Terrorism Department to implement the UN Global CounterTerrorism Strategy ;.
"The Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy" was adopted by The UN
General Assembly in 2006 (60/288). It became the first international official
document recognizing a significant role of the civil society in anti-terrorist
activities of different countries. The strategy urges “... to promote the involvement
of the civil society in the implementation of the global campaign against terrorism
and its condemnation (A / RES / 60/288 p.1.8).
The Strategy Action Plan (A / RES / 60/288) contains 4 sections:
1. measures to eliminate conditions favoring the spread of terrorism;
2. measures to prevent and combat terrorism;
3. measures to strengthen countries' potential capacities to prevent and
combat terrorism and strengthen the role of the United Nations system in this
4. measures to ensure universal respect for human rights and the rule of
law as the fundamental basis for the fight against terrorism.
A / RES / 60/288 (p.4 .1) emphasizes that for all components of the
“... protection of human rights and the rule of law are of key importance ..
and ... counter-terrorism measures and protection of human rights ... do not
contradict but complement and mutually reinforce each other ", ...
The basic principles of countering terrorism are also stated in the Russian
Federal Law No. 35-FL “On Counteraction of Terrorism” of March 6, 2006,
which declares that “Counteraction of terrorism in the Russian Federation
isbased on the following basic principles:
1) ensuring and protecting the fundamental rights and liberties of every
man and citizen;
2) rule of law and order;
3) priority of defending the rights and legitimate interests of persons
exposed to terrorist danger;
4) inevitability of punishment for terrorist activities;
5) systematic and complex use of political, informational, propaganda,
socio-economic, legal, special and other counter-terrorism measures;
6) the state cooperation with public ... and other organizations and
citizens in countering terrorism;
7) The priority of measures to prevent terrorism; ... " and etc.
In addition to this law, there are other proper laws adopted in the Russian
Federation aimed to protect the rights and liberties of citizens, such as:
Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal Law No. 323 “On the Principles
of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation”, Federal Law No.
“On Radiation Safety”, Federal Law No. 150 “On Weapons” (prohibits the
circulation of radiation weapons), etc. However, these laws are not implemented
as appropriate: citizens' rights are violated, people's health is getting destroyed,
radiation-type weapons are used, both crime and terrorism are growing.
The conference participants pointed to non-enforcement of laws in the
Russian Federation. The speakers also drew special attention to the fact that such
possibility of brainwashing performed with the use of radiation type weapons
makes it possible to manipulate people's minds and turn mentally-controlled
victims into tools for committing crimes and terrorist acts.
As early as 1999, the European Parliament in resolution A4-0005/1999 urges
the European Union to strive to ensure that new technologies of" non-lethal
(radiation) weapons "... must be considered and regulated by international
conventions;" (p.23) and ... demands an international convention to impose a
global ban on all events and development of weapons that can bear any form of
manipulation of people "(p.27)
The conference participants fully agree with these provisions of A4-
0005/1999 resolution. The conference participants speak in support of the
provisions of the “Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and other documents on
combating terrorism and crime which state that the main countermeasure is
“ensuring and protecting human rights and liberties”. Using of radiation-type
weapons against citizens is an absolute violation of their rights and liberties.
Radiation-type weapons have been made highly classified in order to
correspond with the law on national security. Also, many countries don't have
legislative acts prohibiting the use of radiation weapons and no special law
enforcement bodies are being created to protect citizens.
However, the strategy of protecting “national security” provides for the
security of every individual, stating that “...the rights and liberties of a person and
a citizen must be observed and protected;” and “the rule of law must be observed;
...” (Federal Law No. 390, Article 2). Using radiation type weapons against
civilians is a violation of their rights and liberties and represents a threat to
national security and favors the spread of terrorism.
The effect produced by various types of radiation weapons upon people wasdescribed
by academician N. V. Levashov:
“People exposed to such weapons do not even suspect that they are being
attacked. Such weapons are powerful and deadly, much more dangerous than
radiation, bombs, chemical or bacteriological weapons. "
Radiation weapons produce "their anti-human impact on people through the
subconscious, forcing them to do exactly what they are ordered to do ..." At the
same time, the radiation done by psi-generators can pretty well change the thinking
of people, especially those of children and the youth, leading to their possible turn
into criminals and terrorists.
Terrorism in the world won't not stop until the radiation weapons are banned.
The conference participants with one accord came to the conclusion that
radiation weapons are weapons of mass destruction (WMD); using them against
citizens is a genocide and leads to the complete degradation and destruction of
the population and the planet.
In accordance with everything stated above, with "the UN Global CounterTerrorism
Strategy - A/RES/60/288" (1 p. 8; 4 p. 1), document A59/565 (p. 423)
and international and federal documents on protection of the rights and liberties
and security of every individual, the conference participants demand:
as an effective first-priority preventive measure to combat international
organized crime and terrorism, impose a ban on the use of radiation type
weapons against civil population with it being included in the UN Global
Counter-Terrorism Strategy.
Appendix: 1. Federal Law of the Russian Federation Federal Law No.150 "On
weapons" (Article 6, - prohibits the circulation of radiation weapons)
2. The working draft of the Convention “on prohibiting the use of radiation
weapons against people”.


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